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The lawyers at Latimer & Kenkel have a combined 75 years of experience defending those charged with a DUI, DUID, DWAI or DWI.

You need to have a criminal defense attorney experienced in DUI Defense contact the DMV immediately in order to keep your driving privileges. The law firm of Latimer & Kenkel has been providing DUI Lawyer services in Chico, CA through expert DUI and criminal defense experience for over 40 years.

A History of successful and favorable DUI Legal Defense in Chico, Paradise, Oroville and Gridley.

We have successfully defended or achieved favorable outcomes for thousands of clients related to DUI and Drug arrests in Chico, Paradise, Oroville, Gridley, Biggs, and surrounding areas. Outcomes range from reduced sentences to acquittals and dismissed cases. We can protect you from damaging jail sentences and license suspensions.

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A lawyer who can successfully navigate the complex legal system for DUI arrests in Chico, CA is an invaluable asset to your DUI Legal Defense strategy.  There are many procedures involved and our team can help you understand the options for your DUI Defense. We have been doing it for over 40 years with an excellent record of favorable DUI, DWI, DUID, DWAI and Reckless Driving Defenses in Chico, CA.

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